It's a rule that big blockbusters with big openings take big hits their second weekend, but Watchmen's 67% drop is more akin to notoriously frontloaded horror films than to tentpole releases. Look for $120 million in North America at the end of the day, which is shy of the $150 million production budget -- though the foreign number, already up to $50 million, should help. Elisabeth has more on the implications of this here.

Race to Witch Mountain won the weekend with $25 million, which is strong but not outstanding: didn't everyone think that the Rock would be a huge superstar draw by now? He didn't open this film; Witch Mountain's success is due to Disney's shrewd (and accurate) marketing of it as breezy family sci-fi -- and the only new family offering since Coraline.

The Last House on the Left opened to $14.6 million and third place, which won't put it in the horror remake pantheon, but probably makes Universal happy -- the film was cheap, and it opened on under 2500 screens (chump change these days). The goofy sex comedy Miss March opened to a meager $2.4 million, squeaking into the top 10. And in its seventh weekend of release, the Liam Neeson actioner Taken continues to groove along, dropping under 10% and passing $125 million.

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