Earlier today, news started to surface that Natasha Richardson had been in a ski accident on Quebec's Mont Tremblant on Monday. According to reports, she'd suffered a minor fall during a private lesson with a ski instructor -- no visible signs of injury or immediate problems. About an hour after the fall, while sitting with the ski patrol and instructor, she developed a headache and was taken away in an ambulance. At 12:30 today, she was taken out of the hospital and left the country.

Now, according to FOXNews, the Tony-award winning actress, who is married to Liam Neeson and the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, is brain dead. Sources have told the site that she is being transported back to New York City to be taken off life support. Neeson was filming in Toronto at the time, and quickly flew to be at his wife's side.

But as of now, there are conflicting rumors and reports that range from minor injuries to, as Fox says, life-support. As the story evolves, we'll keep you updated.

Our thoughts are with you, Ms. Richardson.

Update: The hospital told TMZ that Richardson is suffering from brain swelling, and is not, in fact, brain dead.

Update 2: Liz Smith is now reporting that Natasha Richardson has been taken off life support.
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