'Darkon'From fantasy role-play gamers to conspiracy theorists? The most recent documentary by filmmakers Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, New World Order, examines folks who are really, really dedicated to exposing a secret worldwide conspiracy. It had its world premiere at SXSW last Friday night and screened again this morning, in advance of its debut via IFC's on demand service (available on cable and satellite systems) next month.

But there's no need to feel left out if you missed the SXSW screenings. The duo's previous, full-bore colloboration, the fabulous Darkon, is just waiting for you to stream it free at Snag Films. Darkon won the Documentary Feature Audience Award at SXSW in 2006, and it's no wonder why. It examines folks who are really, really dedicated to fantasy role-playing games, the kind where the players create alter-egos, make their own costumes, and act out elaborate scenarios. The group has been active since 1985, and their official site describes their activities thusly: "Every other Sunday, between 150 and 300 members gather in costume and armor to fight unchoreographed mock battles with padded weaponry." If that isn't the definition of "cool," I don't know my dictionary.

The action takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, and the players are portrayed sympathetically, in the sense that they are allowed to speak for themselves (and are often unintentionally hilarious) without a narrator needlessly commenting on their self-evident nerdishness awesomeness. The film packs a lot of entertainment value into its running time.

We've embedded Darkon below for your viewing pleasure (US geeks only, please). More information can be found at Snag Films.