I guess the powers that bring us DVDs wanted to let us focus on green foods and drinking, rather than movie watching, because the pickings are quite sparse the week.

Punisher: War Zone

If you're a fan of Punisher, you don't need me to tell you to go out and buy it. However, if you're hemming and hawing, or have no clue who this angry guy is, you might want to check out Eric D. Snider's review, which said: "It's War Zone's laughable desire to be taken seriously that makes it enjoyable to watch but a failure at what it was trying to do." Also on Blu-ray. Rent it.

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Hold your horses -- this isn't out quite yet -- the vamp romance is scheduled to hit shelves on the 21st. Nevertheless, the first installment of Bella and Edward's bloody love is almost here, which will undoubtedly start an onslaught of DVDs. This, then one when #2 comes out, then the pair, then #3. But hey, the more the merrier for the fans. Snider called it "a somber teen romance that happens to have some vampires in it," while Peter Martin said: "Twilight may not add up to much more than the sum of its parts, but those parts can be mighty entertaining." Also on Blu-ray. Rent it, unless you know a Meyer fiend out there.

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Also out: Return of the Outlaws, The Triangle, Velveteen Rabbit, Walled In