In my last rambling screed against certain release dates, I noted that I couldn't speak for the latest hiding place for The Time Traveler's Wife, the oft-delayed adaptation of the acclaimed romance novel. From the look of things, though, Warner Bros. has bumped back the equally romantic Final Destination 4 3D back to August 28th in order to give the weekend of the 14th to Wife.

And what a summer this has become for star Eric Bana (he's the time traveler, not the wife). Between this, Star Trek in May and Funny People in July, the main Munich man has a nice marquee streak going for him, and of course, any excuse for a little more Rachel McAdams beyond April's State of Play is nothing to sniff at either (unless this thing turns out to be quite the tearjerker).

The move puts Wife up against the likes of family comedy Bandslam and sci-fi mystery District 9, while Destination now opens opposite Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, which is exactly the type of horror offering that would make me want to see FD4-3D instead.
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