Today is St. Patrick's Day, and chances are you're either going to chow down on corned beef and cabbage (the most inaccurate Irish dish), get sloshed on Guinness, play all your U2 albums, or watch The Quiet Man. Or all four at once. But given that you're probably still sober, I thought we could have a nice discussion on the best and worst films themed around the Emerald Isle.

There's plenty to choose from, as Ireland is arguably Hollywood's favorite foreign country. (Yes, you're supposed to laugh at that.) Think about it -- no one makes films about Russian revolutionaries, or sets love stories in Sweden, or focuses on the immigration experience of the Chinese. Even the Irish mafia is overtaking the Italian and the Russian in terms of cinematic popularity. I'm sure there's a deep cultural explanation (or something to do with the Kennedys), but I'll just say that it's payback for being the most despised nationality for so long.

To get you started, I'm posting one of my favorite St. Patrick's films, a guilty pleasure titledThe Matchmaker. Someday they can put it in a box set alongsideP.S. I Love You, and Amy Adams' upcoming Leap Yearsince all three play on my favorite convention of "If you're lonely and single, go to Ireland. You'll meet so many hot guys!" This scene is a particular favorite because it also mocks American politics, our obsession with claiming Irish heritage, and what we would expect our Irish relatives to be like: