I love Ellen DeGeneres. I really do. I loved her as a stand-up comic, I think she's great as a talk-show host, and she was marvelous as an animated fish in that little Disney movie. But her track record in live-action films has been horrible.

So it's hard not to cringe at the announcement that she'll play Mother Nature in as-yet-untitled film produced by Walden media, the folks behind Chronicles of Narnia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Charlotte's Web, and Nim's Island -- all of which were heavy on superb special effects and short on everything else that might make them, well, good. (Their upcoming releases include a Duane Johnson flick titled Tooth Fairy, and ... oh, dear. That doesn't sound good, either.)

Adding to the cringe factor: The script will be written by Jenny Bicks, a writer and producer on TV's Sex and the City and Men in Trees. Does anyone else smell the cloying aroma of chick flick?.

If you think I'm being hard on Ellen, remember her past movies -- like 1996's dreadful Mr. Wrong, in which she played a woman who gets involved with a psycho (played by Bill Pullman) and zany hijinx ensue:

And then there was The Love Letter:

DeGeneres will also lend her voice to the upcoming animated Dog Show for Warners, about a mutt who crashes a fancy dog show with her pals. Which sounds like the sort of project for which she's perfect. But another chick flick? Now that sounds like a real dog.
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