If you thought smell-o-vision was weird, get prepared to keep a tight grip on your movie concessions -- the seats, they'll soon be shakin'.

TechRadar reports that there's a new motion-generating system called D-Box Motion Code, which will accompany films by shaking theater seats. It's "perfectly synchronized with all onscreen action, creating an unmatched realistic, immersive experience." The first film to get matched up with these seat-shakers is the upcoming Fast and Furious(in theaters April 3), and in only two locations: Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood, and the UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14 in Arizona. From there, either all the seats will start shaking in a cacophony of vibration and shrieks, or there will be a revolt of sticky movie patrons.

There are so many scenarios where I can see this being a real annoyance. Just as you get that drink to your lips, bzzzz! It's all over you. As a poor lad sits there trying to make his bladder ignore the insistence of that extra-large drink, vibrations send him into agony. And heck, would pregnant women be allowed on this cinematic "ride"?

The idea is neat, but seems quite impractical. I like to curl up in the seat and experience the film, not go for a ride. But what do you think? Would you like your seat to rumble with the action on the screen?
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