Making a film about an entirely unlikable character is nothing new, but somehow The Snake sticks the premise into an indie film wrapper that manages to be hilarious from the outset. I imagine the film is going to piss a lot of people off -- and if anyone in a bulimia support group gets wind of it, we'll hear about protests and hunger strikes (sorry, I couldn't resist). But that's not meant as a statement to defend Adam Goldstein's title character from the flick: the word douche was invented to describe him.

The film follows the exploits of said douche, Ken ("The Snake"), who will basically do anything to try and sleep with a woman, yet he's vain enough to be swayed by the slightest outside influences that hint at his object of affection being less than stellar. Case in point: while cruising the local bars he actually picks up a fairly attractive woman, despite his idiotic come-on techniques and cheesy lines. However, when one of his friends suggests (as a joke) that she might be slightly overweight, he turns her down when she invites him back to her place. That's just the tip of the iceberg, and it's hilarious to watch.