I'm always on the look out for the next great short film. When I'm not writing on Cinematical, sometimes I'm watching boatloads of festival submissions for various friends in the film world, and while it's definitely a tedious task, I always feel it's so worth it when you discover that one gem ... because it's there, hiding under a stack of blah. It always is. This short film, titled Nemesis, arrived via email yesterday from Cinematical reader Leonard S. ... and I just kinda fell in love with it right away. It comes from Norway, and according to the YouTube description, Nemesis was part of a school project; an exam from last semester. It's scary knowing this is just a school project because I guarantee it could play in some of the larger film festivals around the world.

Nemesis follows a guy named Arne who, ever since he was a young boy, has been convinced he has super powers. However, since he hasn't been able to discover his super powers, Arne decides to put an ad out for an archnemesis in the hopes this person will help unveil his secret abilities. The short is embedded below -- and you can watch it there -- but I also recommend watching the larger HD version over on YouTube. Check it out and let us know what you think. FYI: Running time is about 8 minutes.