It's been so long since we heard anything about Spike Jonze'sWhere the Wild Things Are that you would be forgiven if you thought it had been shelved indefinitely. But no! The poster has arrived, courtesy of the Spike Jonze Fan Blog who scanned it from Nick Magazine. You can see it in our tiny Wild Things gallery below.

I have to say, I love that all the promotional materials are keeping to a misty, mysterious theme -- in an age where everything is spoiled the moment it starts filming, I love when a studio can keep some suspense going.

However, we'll get our first look at the monsters and Max in action very, very soon. CHUD is reporting that the first trailer (no teaser this time, it'll apparently be a full three-minute trailer set to the Arcade Fire's Wake Up) will be attached to Monsters Vs Aliens, so you have a mere nine days to wait! But just to tease you, here's what CHUD's scooper described: Try as I might, I can't verbalize how I felt about the trailer beyond the most grandiose superlatives: 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' and 'breathtaking', making me sound like Pete Hammond. The environments in particular (there's a sequence of cutting between 4 shots of Max running through different environments that is absolutely magical) are a work of incredible vision, especially in light of the production methods Spike opted for. It does feel like a 'kids movie' (not pejorative): the trailer repeatedly made me about eight years old, over and over again. Unless I'm an idiot, and you'll see yourself in a week or two, the finalized monsters are some kind of incredible technical achievement.

Anything that sends a person into superlatives has to be worth seeing. Can't wait.