A year and a half after the tragic and sudden death of Adrienne Shelly, her widower, Andy Ostroy, is working to bring her final screenplay to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's started work on The Morgan Stories,a multi-generational family drama that he calls Adrienne's best.

The project follows three sisters over a number of decades, and Ostroy says: "It's a little bigger than some of her other work. If Adrienne's previous movies were comedies with a little bit of drama, this is a drama with a little bit of comedy." Morgan Stories is a bittersweet announcement -- great that we're getting one more look into Shelly's creative mind, a different one at that, and sad that she isn't here to bring it to the screen herself.

The project is still in the beginning stages, but in the meantime, another script is about to make it to the big screen. Serious Moonlight, which boasts Cheryl Hines (Waitress) directorial debut, will premiere at Tribeca next month. The film stars Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton as a couple who find themselves in a sticky situation -- just as she duct-tapes him to the bathroom, burglars arrive.
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