The Green Lantern doesn't need official outlets like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, just Production Weekly and Twitter.

Following Tweeted reports that production offices were being set up in Melbourne, Australia for a September shoot, Dark Horizons contacted producer Donald DeLine to find out whether or not they were true.

They are, and the film has a director: Martin Campbell. Says DeLine: "We are leaving for Australia Wednesday night with Martin Campbell, our director, to go scout in Sydney and Melbourne. We plan on starting to shoot mid-September in Australia."

DeLine confirms that not a single actor has been cast, and didn't confirm any rumor as to anyone screen testing. He merely repeated that this will be the origin story of Hal Jordan.

It's difficult to get too wound up without a lead actor in place, but hey ... now you've got a director who did a pretty nice job on a little film called Casino Royale. You're definitely getting a Green Lantern movie. It has a release date of December 17, 2010. Are you starting to get a little excited
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