Those of us who run in the dangerous online South Park circles (where the air is thin and the lifelines are even thinner) already knew that last night's episode was going to spoof the influx of comic book/graphic novel adaptations on the big screen. The early previews appeared as if they were going to go the Watchmen route, but if you tuned in last night you'd know they covered a host of different films from The Dark Knight to The Spirit. It was funny, too, because at times you didn't know if Cartman (aka The Coon) was imitating Batman or Rorschach with his low growl.

What we do know is that last night's episode was set in an alternate 2009 where the economy is in the crapper and everyone hates Obama for not bringing the change he promised. Oh wait ... nevermind. In an effort to keep the streets safe, Eric Cartman becomes a masked vigilante known only as The Coon. But when another masked hero takes to the streets -- and wins more recognition from the town -- The Coon looks to shut his act down. Check out the opening below, and watch the entire episode over here.