I wasn't crazy about the Superbowl ad for Year Onebecause it's tough to sell biblical comedy in 30 seconds to a Superbowl audience overdosing on hot wings and testosterone. But now Sony has released a proper full-length trailer for the film (watch below or over on Yahoo), and I dig it. But look, I'll be completely honest with you and say that I don't know how well biblical comedy will sell to today's one-fart-joke-per-minute audience. I personally find this stuff hilarious; I visited this set, I know the movie and I think it will totally entertain. But will the Superbad kids get this humor? And do they need to in order to enjoy the film?

Based on the trailer, it looks like the biblical jokes will be there for those who want them, but other than that it seems like a straight-up fish-out-of-water comedy with two guys who know what they're doing -- who know how to get the laughs. Plus director Harold Ramis stacked this puppy with tons of cameos, and so I feel there will be enough here for the old-schoolers and the new-schoolers. This should be an interesting film to watch; definitely the riskiest to come out of the Apatow camp. Year One hits on June 19.

But what do you think?