Hannah Montana: The MovieIt's Miley! And Hannah! We've got exclusive new pictures from the dynamic duo's first feature film.

Dying to see what Hannah Montana will do on the big screen? Can't get enough of Miley Cyrus? Well you're in luck, dear readers -- we're fueling the flames of Miley Mania with this exclusive sneak peek at 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.'

The movie follows Miley as she heads back to Tennessee to try to remember the simple things in life -- you know, before she became mega-star Hannah Montana. We'll get to see how she adjusts, a budding first true love and what going country does to her dad Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus), older brother Jackson (Jason Earles) and best pal Lilly (Emily Osment). Of course there'll be a ton of huge guest stars too -- you'll just have to see it to believe it.

Without further ado (we know how you fans get!), Moviefone presents nine exclusive photos from 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' (and a couple more that are too good not to show you), in theaters April 10.

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