Two new surveys released this week indicated that Americans couldn't care less about global warming at the moment, and while things are rough for everyone right now, we can't just blow the environment off like that. It's starting to get scary out there -- I live in Colorado's high country, in a climate that's generally akin to Moscow, and have been wearing t-shirts since mid-February. It's record breaking ... and not normal.

But Cinematical isn't really a place for me to preach on that kind of topic -- but I can tell you about a cool promo that Disney is running for their Earth documentary. If you buy a ticket for opening weekend (April 22), they'll plant a tree in your name. They're on sale now via Disney's official Earth site, where you can achieve a moment of Zen by watching the trailer.

Lest you think this is just cutesy Disney stuff, know that Earth was directed by Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, the duo behind the amazing Planet Earth documentary series. If you've never seen the footage they can capture, you're in for a treat and a learning experience.

So buy some tickets to Earth -- not only will it be money and time well spent at the theater, but you'll also help clean up our precious planet. Wall-E would thank you.
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