A new television spot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit the net today, and it's worth watching to see a few of the new characters in action. They're emphasizing Emma Frost in this one, and confirming once and for all that the young punk in the sunglasses is Cyclops. (Guess we know which Marvel couple won't ever get together onscreen!)

What I find curious is the complete and utter lack of Dominic Monaghan or Ryan Reynolds, who supposedly had their parts beefed up. Reynolds is particularly surprising since he's one of the biggest names in the film, and playing a very popular character. Considering they're supposed to be grooming Deadpool for a spinoff, it's pretty odd ... but it might be because fans are in an uproar over his weird ritual scars and faux claws. (Reynolds has confirmed the pale dude fighting Wolverine is Deadpool to the MTV Splash Page. You can howl in outrage, now.)

By the way, Marvel has declared April to be Wolverine Art Appreciation Month in honor of his 35th anniversary. This has nothing to do with appreciating his physique, but instead will see him recreated in the style of famous artists and works of art. They're really pretty cool -- you can see a few of our favorites in the gallery below, and the rest on Marvel's site, and on the Washington Post.