We'll be re-posting my review from Sundance a little later on, but I felt this film deserved its own reminder post and so here I am reminding you that one of the best films from this year's Sundance Film Festival hits theaters today. From what I can tell -- and according to the Film in Focus website -- you can see Sin Nombre this weekend if you live in Hollywood, California (Arclight Cinema), Santa Monica, California (Laemmle Monica 4 Plex), Los Angeles (Land The Landmark), San Francisco (Kabuki 8 and Land Embarcadero Center) and New York City (Lincoln Plaza 6). On April 3rd, the film looks to be expanding to Chicago, Dallas, Cambridge, Pasadena and San Diego.

I like to call Sin Nombre a road trip romance thriller (or some variation of that), as it follows the stories of three teenagers on different paths, yet all of whom have the same goal: protecting their future. Most of the action takes place on the top of a train heading for the Mexican border, where hundreds of people gather in the hopes that they'll make it across and achieve a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Director Cary Fukunaga has crafted a beautiful film that's tragic yet hopeful, and so if you're looking to see something this weekend that's a tad off the beaten path then I seriously cannot recommend Sin Nombre enough. Watch the trailer below.