After a killer week, an on-going screening of the dramas and torments of the North and South miniseries, and thoughts of pacifist guntoters, I needed a break. No, scratch that -- I needed a "Cool Rider."

While many girls squee'd over Olivia Newton John and Grease, I always thought Grease 2 was so much cooler. (Age brought a better appreciation for the original, but nostalgia never dies! ... especially when the Pink Lady leader got an awesome reversible jacket to quell that terrible pink!) And for years, I was convinced I was the only one in love with 2 until a little film called My Date with Drew. Oh yes, there were die-hard Grease 2 fans out there, and they included Ms. Barrymore herself. Filmmaker Brian Herzlinger loved it so much he divided the world into two categories -- those who loved the sequel, and those who didn't.

The thing that really got my heart, aside from the appreciation of Ladyhawk Michelle Pfieffer and a crush on Maxwell Caulfield, was this scene. Perhaps it tapped into young girls' flirtations with darkness (say, Twilight). Perhaps it tapped into my yearning to escape suburbia. Whatever the case, there was no lady cooler than Stephanie Zinone and her desire for a Cool Rider.


Annette Funicello was originally set to play Ms. Mason, not Connie Stevens.

Unsurprisingly, this was a project on-the-go. The script wasn't completed when filming began, and director Pat Birch had to wing it.