I know you're looking to watch one of those under-the-radar gems this weekend while the rest of your friends devour Nicolas Cage and uncomfortable bromances, and so that's why we're here -- to show you your many options. One film that hasn't received much press -- but is cute and quirky and totally something you might want to snuggle up next to -- is Shades of Ray, which stars Zachary Levi (Chuck on, well, Chuck) as a half-Caucasian, half-Pakistani whose life turns upside down when his Pakistani father comes to visit. Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard, Freaks and Geeks) executive produced, while Jaffar Mahmood wrote and directed.

Shades of Ray is now available through Amazon VOD over here, and I definitely recommend for those looking to kill some time (and share some laughs) over the weekend. Check out two teasers for the film below, with one embedded after the jump -- and find out more about film over on its official website.