The answer to that question appears to be everything! In a piece entitled Danny McBride, We Don't Get You!, writer Christopher Rosen takes the comedian to task for everything from his "ugly and unredeemable characters" to a more general complaint that the man is just plain unfunny. Rosen goes on to describe McBride as "...Will Ferrell, only without the charm or talent." Ouch, did McBride run over this guy's dog with a piece of Kenny F**king Powers Awesomeness, or what?

But Rosen has plenty of venom to go around, and he also tears a strip off McBride's latest comedy partner, David Gordon Green. The two worked together on the HBO series East Bound and Down and announced last year that they would be working together again on the medieval comedy, Your Highness. But according to Rosen, Green's choice to work with McBride is the equivalent of getting career advice from Tommy Chong.

McBride first appeared in the low-budget comedy The Foot Fist Way, but all I needed was a little Hot Rod and I was hooked (between McBride and Bill Hader, I wasn't quite sure who'd become my new comedy boyfriend). Since then McBride has taken small throwaway background parts and turned them into great works of scene-stealing hilarity. Okay, maybe his particular brand of humor isn't for everyone -- but comedy is by far the most subjective genre out there, since in the end everyone's sense of humor is a little different. But is it really fair to proclaim that someone is without talent, charm, or frankly any redeemable qualities just because their style isn't your thing?

So even though Mr. Rosen won't be lining up for any Danny McBride in the near future, the real question is ... will you?
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