Sorry, but this isn't a world of peeping toms. While I can very easily see both Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman stretched along the branches of a tree, binoculars in hand, peeping at the unsuspecting, this project is all about revealing rather than snooping. The Hollywood Reporterposts that Wilson and Silverman are negotiations to star with the already-signed Michael C. Hall and Ben Schwartz in Peep World.

The indie film, written by Peter Himmelstein (title designer for Slums of Beverly Hills), focuses on some adult siblings brought together for their father's 70th birthday. The event "denegrates into an absurd theater of accusation and resentment" as they have it out with one of the siblings, who wrote a novel exposing the family's secrets. The comedy will be directed by Barry Blaustein, who helmed the professional wrestling doc Behind the Mat, as well as 2005's The Ringer. But you probably know him more for his written work. He's the pen behind goofy mainstream screenplays like Police Academy 2, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, and The Honeymooners.

Hall, Wilson, Silverman, and Schwartz as siblings -- it's not something I ever would've imagined, but it will be a welcome change to see Hall step away from the creepy blood-letting and keep up comedically with the likes of Wilson and Silverman. But who will be the dad behind such quarreling siblings?
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