The website for Objectifiedasks an interesting question, "How many manufactured objects did you touch this morning, between waking up and leaving your house?" The answer is a lot more than you'd expect. Nearly everything you touch and encounter in life that is man made was specifically designed at some point, whether it's your fork, your pepper grinder, or the table you eat on. The computer you're using to read this article was most likely obsessively sketched, spec'd, and confabbed about over conference tables before the design was finalized. But most people don't even consider what went into creating it because the design is transparent to them.

Objectified wants to fix that by calling attention to the work that goes into crafting the things we use every day; from toothbrushes, to laptops, to chairs, to potato peelers. It's directed by Gary Hustwit, the same guy behind the typography documentary Helvetica, although it's not quite as engaging as that movie. You end up with intriguing scenes of objects being machined and lots of talking heads with lots to say but in boring static shots. Why not turn those into voiceovers to show us more visual design porn?
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