Nic Cage-heavy advertising propelled Knowing to the top of the box office and a decent $24 million opening weekend, though we'll see what happens once audiences get a load of what this exceedingly weird movie is actually about. The arrival of Monsters vs. Aliens won't help either. I expect at least a 50% drop-off next week.

What's interesting about the $18 million bow for I Love You, Man is that I'm pretty sure the movie got an assist from the Judd Apatow brand even though Judd Apatow didn't have a damn thing to do with it. It's Paul Rudd + Jason Segel + tone. People love these clever, raunchy male-fantasy movies, and there's no end in sight. On the other hand, Duplicity may have come off as too smart for the room, as pervasive marketing, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts didn't amount to more than $14 million for Tony Gilroy's film. That's more than Gilroy's Michael Clayton ever made in a weekend, but that movie was platformed.

Watchmen's looking like $115 million at the end of the day. Other holdovers are looking more impressive: Coraline and Madea Goes to Jail are still bumming around the top 10 after seven and five weeks, respectively; the latter is by far Tyler Perry's highest-grossing film, while the former has parlayed a $16 million opening to what will be an $80 million finish.

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