We've had to wait a few years to see it come to fruition, but Lars von Trier'sAntichrist is finally making its way to Cannes this year, with one sexy first still. According to the indieWIRE folks, that smooth and muscley back you see above is Willem Dafoe, getting carnal with his co-star Charlotte Gainsbourg.

You might remember that Antichristwill deal with "a couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods to recover from the death of their child," and if this image is any indication, they definitely find a way to recover. Then again, this is a psychological horror film, so I wonder if this is just a flashback to the sex that brought their doomed child, and if copulating amongst an orgy of roots and disembodied arms leads to Antichrist babies.

Whatever the case, it's not only a pleasure to see von Trier return to strange chills, but also see him put aside the minimalism and simplicity for visually rich filmmaking. Between this still, memories of The Kingdom, and von Trier mixed with Dafoe and Gainsbourg, this should be one sweet thrill.
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