Over the weekend Ashton Kutcher posted a photo of his wife Demi Moore's backside on Twitter while she was bending down in a bikini. Said image spread to various news outlets, and it was interesting to watch because it didn't originate on Perez Hilton or on People.com -- Kutcher posted the photo himself. For once, the celebrity controlled the buzz, instead of, say, TMZ.

Kutcher's not alone -- in the past month or so, a slew of actors, actresses, filmmakers, screenwriters and industry buffs have jumped onboard the Twitter ship, with some using the insta-update social network more than others. But Kutcher and Moore were the first to really embrace the site, stealing a little thunder from folks like US Weekly and People magazine by posting their own intimate photos and updates -- the kind of stuff that may have eventually leaked to a TMZ if the stars hadn't placed themselves in the driver's seat instead.

As Kutcher and Moore use Twitter to give fans a closer look at their day-to-day lives out of the spotlight, others -- like, say, Jon Favreau -- are using it to also provide updates and images from the set of their new films. Not only did Favreau control the release of the first behind-the-scenes image from Iron Man 2, but he also levels with fans by talking about how scary and stressful the filmmaking process is. It's real and raw, and to be honest it's quite fascinating to watch these folks bypass the publicists and the studios and simply take control of it all from their very own desktop. (Check out WeFollow for a pretty comprehensive list of celeb Twitter accounts -- and click here for a list of all Cinematical Twitter accounts.)

So does this kind of stuff just feed our celebrity-obsessed addictions, or does the honesty and intimacy of a Twitter feed help bring them down off their magical pedestal to a point where their personal updates are way more interesting than that blurry beach bikini shot stuck on page 47 of this week's issue of People?
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