I'm not one to kick somebody when they're down, and lord knows Miss Lindsay Lohan has been on her way down ... but, well ... in an interview for the April issue of Nylon, the actress dropped hints that she is in need of work and that her recent forays into modeling for Fornarina have inspired her to make a career change. So like any other Lohan-related news item, the gossips were on it like a pack of wolves, and now Page Six has dropped the bomb that the actress could actually have a shot at the world of fashion. According to the wags at Six, Ivan Bart, senior VP of IMG Models, is either desperate for publicity or might actually give her that shot. Bart told Six, "She's a beautiful girl and obviously knows a lot about fashion, providing that she was contractually free, we would take a meeting."

There is no denying that Lohan's celebrity cache has been dropping faster than a pair of Britney's underwear since her stints in court and various rehabs. During 2008, we watched her lose out on potential career-saving roles, and her latest attempt to win back the 'chick flick crowd' has already been voted most likely to end up in the direct-to-DVD pile. Mainly, the press has been far more interested in her personal relationships than her plans to put her career back together -- and who could blame them? There were cryptic messages on Twitter and public spats; it was the stuff of tabloid dreams. So starlets take note: when you're being called the 'next big thing' and everybody loves you, take a moment to ponder the career trajectory of La Lohan and keep in mind that this could be you.
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