I wasn't entirely thrilled last August when news broke that a director of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers eps was heading back to Hollywood to spearhead a remake of The Party -- one where Hrundi V. Bakshi gets replaced by "a hapless blond Midwesterner [who] will have his appearance changed to resemble an Indian by a zealous studio eager he fit a part." But now the news has become a little more promising.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jonathan Kesselman, the director of the most excellent holiday comedy The Hebrew Hammer, has signed on to helm the feature. Since the film looks like it will have little in common with its original source material, and has now got the man who created Mordechai Jefferson Carver and Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, things are suddenly looking up -- at least up and out of remake hell.

But the challenge will become finding a blonde Midwesterner who can hold his own in Kesselman's world -- especially if that world is populated by a myriad of high-profile Hollywood cameos. Any thoughts on who could pull it off? I vote James Urbaniak.
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