I read a story earlier (forget where exactly it was) that Seth Rogen needed oxygen after rehearsing an action scene for The Green Hornet -- and as a recovering fat kid, I totally gained more respect for this dude because, let's face it, he's not exactly the ideal action star, but he's losing weight, busting ass and risking his health to bring us a superhero flick unlike any we've seen before.

In a new interview with Moviefone, Rogen talks up his voice role in Monsters vs. Aliens, as well as several other projects he has on his plate -- like Observe and Report, this summer's Funny People and, of course, The Green Hornet (which hits theaters next summer). Regarding the latter, Rogen says, "Me and Evan [Goldberg] have thought, in our writing, we'd be able to reinvent a lot of the conventions of how these superhero movies generally go -- but we want to be sure that in the visual look of the movie we'd be able to do the same thing, and having a guy like Michel Gondry pretty much guarantees that we'll be able to do that. In my head, he's kind of an unmatched visualist. He conceives of things that aren't even on other people's radars. So it's exciting."

Rogen also made a pretty interesting observation when it came to his character's past in the upcoming dark comedy Observe and Report. He notes, "Actually, after watching Observe and Report again recently, I feel like that character in a way could be a continuation of Ken from Freaks and Geeks. I do. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up like that." Check out the rest of the interview over at Moviefone, and read about Rogen's Playboy cover, his fear of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, his contributions to Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno and more.
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