Last summer, Bryan Singer was still in the Superman chair, toying with the idea of producing Capeshooters. Now? He's looking at directing an adaptation of Radical Comics' Freedom Formula for New Regency, according to Variety.

The five-issue series was launched at last year's ComicCon, which is also when Singer and Radical's Barry Levine became interested in Edmund Shern's series.
Michael Finch has been hired to write the script -- and according to Levine, he "came up with an incredible take that goes deeper into the mythology of the source material."

I wish I could say I really see what they did with the premise. It's set in a future where the government is run by corporations, and fighter jets have been replaced by genetically engineered pilots who race in "exosuits." The racers are slaves, held captive by their bloodline, until one young man named Zee who discovers that his bloodline has the power to change society. It's like Spartacus by way of the Thunderdome and podracing on Tatooine.

Admittedly, I haven't read the series, just a preview. Several comic blogs have reviewed it favorably, for what it's worth. Perhaps it's excellent, and miles away from something that belongs in the 1980s. You can judge for yourself, as CBR has a preview of the first issue, and Radical has a trailer up.
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