If Walt Disney ever got around to churning out his own version of Lord of the Rings, perhaps it would've been close to this fan-made version featuring some of Disney's iconic characters in the roles of Frodo, Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf. (But where's Aragorn?) Funnily enough, there's all sorts of stories and urban legends online that tell of Walt Disney's attempts or non-attempts to adapt Lord of the Rings. Some indicate that Disney held the film rights to J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece for 10 years before giving up and selling them over to United Artists. Others argue that Disney wanted to animate The Hobbit at one time, but couldn't get past the fact that the story didn't contain the ideal, humorous family-friendly vibe that Disney wanted for all his films.

None of these tall tales ever came with any hard proof, though, and the funny thing about it all is that Tolkien apparently despised Disney. In a letter discussing illustrations inside the American publication of The Hobbit, Tolkien noted that he would " . . .veto anything from or influenced by the Disney Studios (for all whose works I have a heartfelt loathing)." For much more on the Disney-Tolkien love (hate?) affair, check out this pretty detailed resource. View a larger version of the image above in the gallery below.

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