I made a point of picking up a Blu-ray copy of Tomas Alfredson's chilling Let the Right One In just before leaving town for SXSW, so I didn't have time to pop it in and check the disc out for myself. However, from the look of things, I might still join in on Icons of Fright's geek outcry over the altered English subtitles on the Region 1 release that oversimplify the film's already sparse dialogue.

Browsing over the many provided comparison shots (see an example after the jump), I feel like we're already reading the dumbed-down screenplay for the coming remake. That may sound a bit too cynical, and this may all sound picky, but we all turned out for a certain version of a rightfully acclaimed film in theaters last fall, and by all accounts, this isn't the same thing we saw and supported.

Now I'm afraid to read the original novel and see how much of that was changed to begin with...

[Thanks to Devin at CHUD for bringing this to light.]

UPDATE: Magnolia has told The Digital Bits that, while it plans to re-issue the disc with a proper theatrical subtitle track, it will not be exchanging it for those already purchased.
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