First up, there's Ms. Cameron Diaz. After getting hitched to Ashton Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actress has grabbed her next romcom. The picture in question is called Swingles (picked up by Paramount in 2006), and it centers on a man and woman whose respective best friends fall in love and leave them without their beloved wingman and wingwoman. "Despite their antagonism, the two remaining singles decide to join forces to help each other find romantic partners." ...and oh, perhaps fall madly in love like romcom fools often do?

Meanwhile, Liv Tyler is getting her own slice of romantic comedy. Variety reports that she's going to star in an upcoming indie called The Romantics. The project seems to be a bit of a passion project -- Galt Niederhoffer (Prozac Nation adapter and a principal at Plum Pictures) is adapting her own novel, and planning to direct it as well.

The film will follow a group of college friends who reunite after 6 years for the wedding of Lila and Tom, which brings up a long rivaly for the soon-to-be groom between the bride-to-be and her maid of honor, Laura (Tyler). While the basic premise might knock into films like The Big Chill, the review over at Amazon doesn't make it sound promising. Publisher's Weekly says: "Neither the characters nor the story convince as Niederhoffer repeats thin stereotypes in a vain attempt to strengthen the plot." It's really too bad. Tyler can do better, and we already have enough thin stereotypes in romcom land. But get ready, two more typical romances on the way.
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