Is anyone else sick of those quirky wandering romantic dramedies that tell of a relationship in trouble and feature an ensemble cast full of five o'clock shadows and skinny bra-less hipster chicks? I guess it all started with the so-called "Mumblecore" movement, and a group of filmmakers who created works of art on the cheap and collaborated with one another in an effort to churn out films like a factory -- only to watch them premiere at SXSW and then either fade into oblivion or enjoy a small day-and-date release through someone like IFC (who, to their credit, take a lot of chances on these tiny low-budget DIY films).

Granted, in the past year I've watched these Mumblecore-ish pieces evolve into films with tighter scripts and a lot more substance -- but there's been so many of them lately that it was only a matter of time before someone came along with a spoof. That said, Funny or Die -- and the talented Jake Szymanski -- have just arrived on the scene with The Dirty Garage, which is essentially a spoof of all those dry, dialogue-heavy indie flicks and the quirky soundtracks that populate most of the running time. And while I absolutely adore all my filmmaker friends who've been part of this movement -- and encourage them to continue following their vision -- you have to admit this is pretty hilarious. Check it out below.