I was less than pleased when word hit back in 2007 that Zac Efron was leading a musical adaptation of Footloose. It is said to be a whole new musical twist, free from the singing-heavy stage treatment. But now, nearly two years later, Entertainment Weekly reports that Mr. Disney is out.

Paramount issued a statement explaining that Efron is no longer attached to the film, but they're still going full-steam ahead with Kenny Ortega, Neil Meron, and Craig Zaden's twist on the franchise. However, EW then explained that their sources think the remake could very well depend on whether they can find a similar "song-and-dance dude" to fill Efron's now-vacant Sunday shoes. Their sources also say that the young actor left the project to run from the woes of typecasting. It seems that he's set on adding versatility to his roster, and taking on Footloose right now certainly wouldn't help Efron make a name for himself outside High School Musical and Hairspray.

So that leaves the new Ren McCormack out there and ready for the taking -- a high-school aged kid who can sing and dance. Will it be another HSM alum? Maybe a Jonas brother? It's not too easy to find a bankable name that fits all the parameters, especially when the role was once given to the It boy of musicals. Perhaps they'll have to throw on "Let's Hear it For the Boy" and teach a new dude how to dance.

Do you think anyone else can handle the world of Bible-thumpers, singing, and dancing? Or are you just hoping this is one stop closer to neverending development hell?
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