Recreating well-known political figures has been pretty popular lately. We've had the surprising casting twist of Josh Brolin as Dubya, plus a whole slew of other political figures in W. We've seen Paul Giamatti become a Founding Father. Frank Langella got to take on good ol' Nixon. And now, we're getting Bill and Hillary, and the famous Clinton duo is not being played by Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler. It's a pair you'd probably never guess.

Variety reports that Dennis Quaid is set to star as President Clinton, with Julianne Moore taking on Hillary in an upcoming HBO film called The Special Relationship. While, at first glance, this might seem like a tale that will discuss certain forays in the Oval Office and risque behavior with cigars, the piece will look at an entirely different relationship -- the "sometimes turbulent political relationship" between Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair -- who will be played by Michael Sheen.

You might remember that Sheen already played Blair in both The Deal and The Queen, so this will be old hat. (Helen McCrory, who played Cherie Blair in The Queen, is also set to reprise her role.) He was also the Frost to Langella's Nixon, and Frost/Nixon playwright Peter Morgan wrote the screenplay to this project and is hoping to make his directorial debut with the feature, should it get greenlit.
Can you imagine Dennis and Julianne as Bill and Hillary?
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