When I opened up a couple of Lionsgate DVDs last month, I noticed that the cover portion of each plastic case had a sizable hole in it, shaped like a recycling symbol. It seemed like a nice gesture, though I'm not entirely sure how much good that much plastic would do in its absence (nor how much more I would personally recycle at the mere sight of a reminder).

Then, a friend of mine opened up his Blu-ray copy of Fox/MGM's Quantum of Solace to discover similar holes. "Environmental friendly?," he noted. "Maybe. Far less sturdy and protective? Yes." (Or maybe he was just describing Bond in the movie, ZING!)

What do you guys and girls think about this recurring development? Do you believe it's a worthwhile effort on behalf of the studios to reduce waste, or would you rather shell out your hard-earned dollar for your movies to be kept in a proper and complete case?
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