UPDATE: The trailer is now online over on Apple in HD (or view it below) ... and it's absolutely brilliant. The Arcade Fire song was an excellent choice for this first trailer; it intensifies the film's fantastical elements and makes the thing look so wondrous. The Wild Things look great and real and not CGI -- I have a feeling that this is the sort of film that will feel 20 years old, but look brand new. An instant classic? Let's hope ... I was addicted to this book when I was a kid. Where the Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Cinematical was just informed that the first three-minute Where the Wild Things Are trailer just premiered at the end of the Ellen DeGeneres show, which means it should be arriving online at some point today. We'll be back inside this post when it does hit the online, but in the meantime if you're in another time zone watching the Ellen show right now, make sure you tune in for the trailer -- which may hit online once Ellen makes her way to the west coast (show airs at 3pm out there, 6pm EST). Cinematical reader Charles wrote in with the report, saying only that the trailer "does not look like a movie for kids at all."

Check out our gallery of images from the film below, and keep it tuned in right here as we anticipate the first trailer to head our way real soon.