I'll chalk it up to coincidence and coincidence alone that I get The Running Man in the mail from Netflix -- about a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) forced to kill for his freedom or be killed for the entertainment of others in the future -- in the same week that we get our first taste of Neveldine/Taylor's Game, about a man (Gerard Butler) who's controlled as a gaming avatar but violently decides that he's had just about enough of that.

So far, I've been fan enough of the two films N/T have put out to date -- Crank and Pathology -- though I can't help but hope that there's maybe something more to this than just bangs and booms (not that those don't have their place at times). That's right, the guy looking forward to Crank 2: High Voltage is asking for something of substance from the guys behind Crank 2: High Voltage. Who knows, it could just be trashy, amoral fun, and despite a shifty date over at Lionsgate (they say Sept. 4th, for now), I suspect that we might see a proper (read: English-language) trailer for Game by the time C2 drops in mid-April.

Trailer removed at studio's request.