So while we all already know what Robert Pattinson has planned for next year or so; that's right, setting hearts aflame as the glittery vampire that all the girls love, but you might have noticed that Pattinson doesn't exactly seem comfortable with being a heartthrob. All of which does seem a little strange considering that his next possible follow up to that tortured little blood sucker, Edward Cullen, could be another role about a star-crossed lover -- although something tells me this one won't be for the Hot Topic set. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Pattinson is currently in talks to star in Memoirs for Summit Entertainment.

Memoirs was originally written by Will Fetters, and the story centers on "two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they struggle to deal with family tragedies." Summit has already hired Jenny Lumet (daughter to Sidney and screenwriter for Rachel's Getting Married) to give the script a rewrite, and according to THR, Alan Coulter (Hollywoodland) is also in talks to direct.

Typecasting is probably still one of the hazardous things about being a young actor, well that and the DUI's, but catching Pattinson on the press tour for Twilight made me wonder if he was built for this kind of teen mania. Hopefully after a few more adult roles under his belt, and his obligations to Twilight have been met, he'll have something to show for himself other than being the guy hanging in every girl's locker.
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