So I guess Emily Blunt missed out on the chance to torment Tony Stark, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been keeping busy. The British actress already has three productions lined up for the coming year, and the latest addition to her schedule has now surfaced over at Moviehole. According to sources, during an interview with a local Australian radio show, British comedian Russell Brand told them that Blunt was already committed to be his female co-star in Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill. According to Brand (via Moviehole) Blunt will be playing a fellow musician, and that she may even perform a duet with the great Aldous Snow (aka Brand) -- might I suggest a 'Do Something' remix? Blunt only has a few musical credits to her name, but you never know, maybe her former flame, Michael Buble, gave her some pointers.

Greek is a sequel of sorts to the 2008 romantic comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Brand is reprising his role of Aldous Snow, a bed-hopping and socially clueless rock star, and the story will pick up with Snow who has since lapsed back into his druggie ways. Hill will play a young insurance adjuster who has been given the seemingly impossible task of getting the out of control celeb to a gig at L.A's Greek Theater.

UPDATE: Blunt's publicist and Universal have come forward to say that this casting rumor is not true, so says EW.
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