Mark Millar's American Jesus has been kicking around studios for a few years -- about as long as it's taken him to put out any more issues of the series. Sony Screen Gems nearly optioned it, but Millar pulled the plug on the deal in order to expand the story, with an eye on making it as enormous as Lord of the Rings.

Once he actually thought about it a little more, he realized that 9 issues or so could make a single movie. Back in September, his Kick-Ass helmer Matthew Vaughn wanted to tackle it, but Millar still hadn't decided what to do with the story, and urged Vaughn to do Kick-Ass while he wrapped it up. He must have it plotted out now, as The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the duo is back to work on a film adaptation and looking at a summer start date. Meanwhile, Millar is still trying to get the comic's second volume done for a fall release, so don't hold your breath for American Jesus.

The story of American Jesus is right there in the title. A 12-year-old boy named Jodie Christianson discovers he is the Messiah. (The initials are a big clue.) From there, I'm honestly not sure what happens as I have only read the first issue (which you too can read at Newsarama), I just know there's some kind of cliff-hanger. Millar gave a few hints as to where Vol 2 was going: "I don't want to spoil the ending of Chosen for anybody who hasn't read that, but the second volume is about the adult Jesus in the modern day walking around in the world of Guantanamo Bay and conservative Republicans running Americans who don't have that much in common with a 2000-year-old Judean idea of what Christianity is. It's Jesus in the modern world, and they crucified him last time, so it's kind of updating that for the modern world."
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