When you're the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones, good things are bound to happen. It took a few years, but Rashida Jones is on fire. She just got to play the perfect girlfriend and fiance of Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man, and now she's getting her own starring gig -- from her own pen. Variety reports that Fox Atomic has picked up a spec she wrote with Will McCormack called Celeste and Jesse Forever, and she's set to star.

Even better than the news is the subject matter. The spec focuses on a young couple who are getting divorced. But rather than some sensational, War of the Roses type battle, the couple are trying "to maintain their longstanding friendship while pursuing other relationships." If this film treats relationships with half the honest and reality of I Love You, Man, this should be a worthy comedy.

I do, however, wonder how she'll hold up in the starring role. I've enjoyed her for a number of years now, since catching her on Boston Public, but I found her performance in I Love You, Man, to be a bit uneven. It actually felt like the film was shot in order, and she grew into her role. The initial scenes -- awkward and stiff, the latter scenes, more genuine, organic, and enjoyable. But making her own words come to life -- you can't get a better character and plot to feel comfortable with, so I've still got high hopes. How about you?
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