With Renny Harlin's 12 Rounds opening this Friday, you might hear a little more about Harlin's plans for a sequel to The Long Kiss Goodnight. Earlier this month, he told Moviehole that all plans were on the back burner, but that he had a script ready and waiting should the oppertunity arise. Naturally, it would be a Samuel L. Jackson vehicle, as 95% of all movies being made today are.

I can't stand the idea of a sequel -- namely because no script Harlin penned would ever be as good one by Shane Black, but also because the movie was about an amnesiac assassin named Charlie Baltimore. The charm of the movie is that her psychotic nature is buried within a happy-go-lucky mom who enjoys baking muffins and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Making a sequel that centers on her sidekick (even if her sidekick was Jackson) is just a little insulting.

So, to remind Harlin of what made The Long Kiss Goodnight so damn cool (or at least a guilty pleasure), here's one of my favorite scenes. I'm a sucker for "I remember who I am now, and I'm a psycho" character moments (and the final look Geena Davis gives David Morse is awesome), but I'm especially partial to this one due to the cosmetic overhaul. I think about it every time I'm putting on my own make-up, and occasionally have to fight the urge to chop off my hair and bleach it blond.

The language and hint of nudity make this NSFW, so watch at your own risk.

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