Well, Dead of Night may not be the most recognized comic book title out there, but I can guarantee that it definitely will have it's share of man-candy. Shock Till You Drop reports an exclusive that Taye Diggs will sign to star as the bad-guy in the adaptation of the Italian horror comic, Dylan Dog (renamed Dead of Night) by Tiziano Sclavi. So if you are keeping score, this brings Dead of Night's total to one Terminator, one Superman, and now, one very hot doctor.

According to Shock, Diggs will play the leader of the vampires who goes up against the supernatural private detective played by Routh. So far most of the ink has been spilled over Routh's involvement in the film, which, with the exception of a few cameos will be marking his big return to the world of comic book movies (followed by Scott Pilgrim and Superman: Man of Steel). As for Digg, this will be his first time in a comic book flick, which is probably the only genre the man hasn't done -- if you don't believe me, take a look at they guy's resume, he's all over the map.

The casting announcements for the film have started to gain speed, and just yesterday, Shock also announced that Journey to the Center of the Earth's Anita Briem would star as Routh's love interest. So with *Sam Worthington at Routh's side, and Briem as the damsel in distress; Diggs will make a nice addition as the bloodsucking bad-guy. Although his last shot at horror was the slightly embarrassing remake of House on Haunted Hill, so here's hoping things work out a little better this time.

Dead of Night is already shooting on location in the Big Easy and should arrive in theaters later this year.

*Correction: Sam Huntington will play Routh's sidekick.
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