We all know Harry Houdini. In my youth I was mesmerized by him, and the movies that outlined his impressive escapes and watery final failure (a death that is 100% fabricated). He's the man who swam Niagara Falls, the man who wiggled out of straightjackets whilst hanging by his feet, the man who survived the Chinese Water Torture Cell. But we don't know him as a cross between Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes.

Believe it or not, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Houdini is heading to the big screen once again, in a project that's not a biopic, but rather an action thriller that could turn into a franchise. It will be based on The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero. It's a rather controversial tome that says that Houdini was a spy for Britain, was asked to advise Czar Nicholas II, and the most popular claim, that almost led to the man's exhumation: that the spiritualists he debunked over the years plotted to kill him as payback. Considering that, it's a bit funny that the tale is being described as part Sherlock Holmes, since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was mighty peeved for Harry's debunking persistence.

The idea sounds a bit silly, but who knows? It might be campy fun. The project is so fresh that there aren't even writers attach yet, but that doesn't stop speculation. Harry's already been played by Tony Curtis, Guy Pearce, Harvey Keitel, Johnathan Schaech ... who's next? I'm thinking Victor Garber.
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