Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- your official source for the hottest on-screen bromances this side of the Mississippi river! Last week we asked you to throw some smackdown on a rough-and-tough photo from the movie Twilight in anticipation of the brand new DVD. Picking winners for this one was tough, but someone had to get a little dirty and confirm this deed done. Congrats to the both you!

1. "Is this part of the bromance?" -- Atiba E.

2. "Dude! I told you no 'open-mouth kisses' on the first date." -- Adam E.

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This week we're taking a step back to celebrate what is perhaps 2009's greatest (and most entertaining) bromance. All you have to do is look at the photo below from the new movie I Love You, Manand spit out the most awesomest caption known to man. In return, three winners will skip away with one I Love You, Man signed poster, one I Love You, Man man-groomers (www.mangroomer.com), one I Love You, Man T-Shirts, one I Love You, Man Ping Pong ball sets, and one I Love You, Man promotional cup. Sound off below ...

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