If there is one film that proves that romance doesn't have to be a gender-specific feeling, that it can merge the brain and the heart, and can wade through all the many shades of grey, it's Before Sunset. Every piece fits together to make one of the best romances to grace the big screen, from the clocking pressure of real time, to the undeniable chemistry between Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, to, most importantly, the finely crafted script.

The words of Sunset play like water from a pitcher -- the slow, tentative pour making sure that it is hitting the right spot, the increased flow letting way to the large gush of water bred from impatience, to the final empty gasps of complete release and surrender. As much as I love Sideways, Before Sunset is the film that should've won the Academy Award for Best Writing.

I wanted to share the final moment, the one that left the most alluring limbo, and elicited audible gasps from practically everyone who saw it. Unfortunately, the sound has been removed from the clips online, so instead, you can see their final release of cautiousness and entry into total truth. Jesse and Celine's reunion morphed slowly, through catch-up, tentative admissions, and then this torrent where the pair reveal the unabashed truth they've been hiding from one another.

And I can only hope that we're moving towards Part 3.