The weather is beautiful in most parts of the country today (especially here in New York City), and I couldn't think of a better way to send you into the weekend than to share the news that -- according to our friends at CHUD -- Richard Linklater talked up the new film he's shooting this summer during a recent screening of Dazed and Confused by calling the untitled project "a sort of spiritual sequel" to Dazed.

The film, which Linklater will shoot in and around Austin, Texas this summer, follows kids during their first weekend at college in 1980. No, it won't feature the same actors or characters from Dazed and Confused (because they're all much older now and kinda don't pass as college students), but because Dazed was about the last day of high school and this will be about the first day of college, the latter will make for a great companion piece to the former and the two together will (we hope) one day make for one helluva double bill. Knowing Dazed and Linklater, the soundtrack will be hot and the awkward teen randomness will be plentiful. It's early still, but this just shot up toward the top of my anticipation meter -- what about you?

(Oh, and a Happy Friday to you, too.)

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